Designed for security testeres & developers

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BadAssProxy works on all modern platforms, such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Additionally the tool works on every device which can display modern web apps.


BadAssProxy has a kick-ass proxy architecture composed of multiple tools smoothly assembled together to achieve high-degree of performance and reliability.


You may be familiar with other proxies written on top of Java. This proxy is not Java which makes it one of a kind. It also opens doors to do things Java cannot do.


For more up-to-date information on release dates for these versions, please refer to the Issues Milestones.

Version Description
3.0 Plugin support.
2.0 Integrated with Websecurify security testing engine.
1.0 Fully-functional proxy with the ability to intercept and modify requests and responses.


Miscellaneous Changes
  • This is the initial release.
  • Basic proxy support with the ability it intercept SSL.

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